We are glad to announce that Bankless DAO has received a grant from Perpetual Protocol, within the framework of the Perpetual Grants Program!

The goal of the grant is to start an educational campaign to make the DeFi community more aware of the role of Perpetual Protocol in the growing blockchain ecosystem.

The funded project encompasses two parts:

  • Bankless DAO will create dedicated written content concerning the mission, achievements, and functionalities of Perpetual Protocol and its utility token.
  • Bankless DAO will prepare an exclusive educational program aimed at offering innovative learning tools for prospective Perpetual Protocol users.

1. Dedicated Content

The program will highlight the main features of Perpetual Protocol, which aims at becoming the most successful and accessible decentralized derivatives trading platform in DeFi.

Content will cover the general tenets of Perpetual Protocol: its history, community, staking/rewarding programs, and characteristics of the PERP token.

Readers will learn about perpetual contracts, through examples of applications, and will understand the differences between centralized and decentralized perpetual contracts.

Importantly, we’ll explain the unique on-chain functionalities of the protocol, which allows traders to go long or short on different assets such as BTC, ETH, DOT, SNX, YFI and more (with up to 10x leverage).

Bankless DAO also will present the latest innovation: “v2 Curie”, which will be deployed also on Arbitrum. With this upgrade, users have the capacity to leverage Uniswap v3 as the execution layer for perpetual swaps with highly efficient concentrated liquidity.

Everyone will be empowered to create perpetual markets using Uniswap and Chainlink oracles!

2. Educational Program

Bankless DAO aims to create a bespoke educational program concerning Perpetual Protocol, where the user will have the opportunity to learn through a structured and enjoyable path.

Bankless DAO strongly believes that DeFi users should learn through “reflection” and “doing” rather than explaining theory.

As such, the educational program will encompass:

  • The prerequisites for understanding the functions of the protocol
  • Explanatory texts
  • Questionnaires
  • Videos
  • Illustrations

The final goal is offering the community a tool to self-evaluate the level of understanding of Perpetual Protocol’s functionalities and their potential. At the end of the path, users should be able to assess Perpetual’s value-proposition and be ready to test its amazing tools.

We are proud that Bankless DAO and Perpetual Protocol will work shoulder to shoulder!

The joint campaign is part of the Bankless DAO mission to coordinate crypto’s social layer with the goal of onboarding 1B people to bankless money systems through culture, media, and education.

If you’d like to get involved, join the Bankless DAO discord (required 35K BANK to join) and follow us on Twitter. You can also read an overview to Getting Started with the Bankless DAO.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This post does not contain financial advice, only educational information. By reading this article, you agree and affirm the above, as well as that you are not being solicited to make a financial decision, and that you in no way are receiving any fiduciary projection, promise, or tacit inference of your ability to achieve financial gains. You also affirm that the sole purpose of reading this article is for expanding your educational awareness and nothing more.