We are pleased to announce that Bankless DAO has received a grant from Balancer!

The goal of this grant is to start a thorough joint educational campaign on the role of Balancer as a unique automated portfolio manager in the current development stage of the DeFi ecosystem.

In addition, the grant will serve to set up a dedicated 80% BANK/20% WETH Balancer V2 liquidity pool with the aim of further educating the Bankless DAO community and increasing the liquidity of its native token.

1. Educational Program

The program will highlight the main features of Balancer’s V2 protocol, which will allow the creation of flexible pools and the capacity of collecting fees from traders, who will rebalance the portfolio following arbitrage opportunities.

The educational program is addressed both to individual DeFi users and to DAOs interested in exploring the availability of liquidity mining programs, in order to create a source of revenue and to align incentives among the communities.

The underlying idea is that anyone can be a liquidity provider!

Balancer gives the possibility also of becoming a portfolio manager, through a controlled exposure to different assets. People who have ERC20 tokens sitting idly in a wallet can put them to work earning passive income from fees!

2. 80% BANK/20% WETH Balancer V2

Starting in Season 2, Bankless DAO plans to incentivize the 80% BANK/20% WETH Balancer V2 liquidity pool.

Through plug-in and play, BANK holders will learn Balancer V2’s powerful new features aimed at slashing gas costs, supercharging capital efficiency, unlocking arbitrage with zero-token starting capital, and opening the doors to custom AMMs.

In addition, we’ll highlight the differences from traditional 50/50 decentralized exchanges and the advantages related to this flexible structure. It is evident to us that Balancer v2 integrates a different protocol from the others, as a portfolio manager, an LP, and a price sensor.

The pool and the communication campaign provided with explanatory documents and media coverage should be a model for DAOs in order to help to address liquidity issues and treasury management.

We are proud that Bankless DAO and Balancer are working shoulder to shoulder!

The joint campaign is part of the Bankless DAO mission to coordinate crypto’s social layer with the goal of onboarding 1B people to bankless money systems through culture, media, and education.

If you’d like to get involved, join the Bankless DAO Discord (required 35K $BANK) follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our Weekly Rollup.

You can also learn more by reading an overview to Getting Started with the Bankless DAO.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

— Ancient Proverb

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