Author: Marc Bisbal Arias

Today we’re happy to announce our partnership with GoodGhosting, a DeFi savings game. By winning the game you can earn more interest than saving on your own.

GoodGhosting is an innovative personal finance project that aligns with our mission by promoting crypto education and positive financial habits. Read on to learn how it works.

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GoodGhosting savings pools run for a fixed period of time. Players compete by depositing stablecoins into the pool on a regular basis (e.g. biweekly). Making all deposits within the various deadlines ensures players get a share of the earned interest from the pool. Players who miss a deposit deadline will get their initial deposit back but earn no interest, and no additional rewards (like exclusive NFTs or extra token incentives). When the game finishes, interest and rewards are only shared with players that didn’t skip any deposit deadline. Check this walkthrough to see what it looks like and how to get started.

Go make your first deposit using the link below!


Details to Participate

  • The savings pool runs for a fixed period of time, from September 27 to December 20. The pooled funds are deposited into Aave on Polygon. These earn interest in DAI and extra rewards in $BANK and $WMATIC tokens. Additionally, Aave is sponsoring an extra 1,250 DAI, to be split between all successful savers.
  • There are a total of 5 deposit deadlines. Players will have two weeks to make their deposits and every 14 days there will be a new deposit deadline. So, the first deposit can be added from Sep 27 to Oct 11, the second one from Oct 11 to Oct 25, the next one from Oct 25 to Nov 8, then from Nov 8 to Nov 22, and the final deposit from Nov 22 to Dec 6.
  • To win the game players have to deposit 50 DAI into the pool at each deposit window. The total required savings to win is 250 DAI. (Learn how to get DAI on Polygon here.)
  • Players will earn both $BANK and DAI for participating. GoodGhosting and Aave will sponsor the pool with at least 1,250 DAI and Bankless DAO will match that amount in $BANK. And last but not least: an exclusive NFT — designed by Mali3D — will be given to all successful savers.
  • After the final deposit deadline (December 6), there is a two week waiting period before the game ends. On December 20 players can claim their winnings, with no time limit on it.
  • When the game ends, winning players (i.e. those who didn’t skip any deposit) can claim their rewards. This includes both the interest in DAI plus the sponsorship in DAI and $BANK tokens.
  • Those who miss a deposit will get their initial deposit back, but won’t earn any rewards or interest.
  • Due to participation limits, this will be available only to those holding over 35,000 $BANK (or the equivalent in LP tokens), a Bankless 2021 Member Badge, or a BanklessDAO Season 2 POAP at the time of the snapshot (September 23).

Learn More About GoodGhosting

Want to dig deeper? Check the links below to learn more about GoodGhosting.





The joint campaign is part of Bankless DAO’s mission to onboard 1B people to a bankless money system through culture, media, and education.

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Written by Marc Bisbal Arias. Thanks to Deepcryptodive for editing.

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