BanklessDAO Weekly NFT and Cryptoart Newsletter

Dear Bankless Nation,

Are all NFTs art? Certainly not, as not all NFT collections, the collectibles, are art. But seriality can be a means of creating art, as pop art explained to the world. The serial repetition of an image or a concept can lead to the split between meaning and signifier with the persistence of the concept itself: this is art.

Today, collectibles are what comes closest to Andy Warhol's pop art, with the obsessive repetition of images, sometimes identical to each other and other times slightly different. However, we can go even further back in time, entering a Byzantine church, with the figures of the saints repeated one after the other to create an intoxicating effect with the glitter of the mosaics and gold.

Santa Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna (Italy)

Mosaics and screenprinting in the past, along with NFT and information technology today, remind us of the profound relationship that persists between art and technology. So let's celebrate this new form of artistic expression and look forward to those of tomorrow.

Welcome to Decentralized Arts.

Authors: BanklessDAO Writers Guild (Grendel, Kouros, nonsensetwice)