This week in Dev Guild: Website project looks for a new PM and dev lead, we kick off discussions about guild membership, and DEGEN seeks a strong frontender.

We’ve also kicking off Season 2 with a proposed renewal of some S1 programs :) Read on!

Author(s): jameswmontgomery.eth

Season 1: Week 14ish (Oct 4 - Oct 10, 2021)

Project Highlights & Needs

🤖 DEGEN prepares to go-to-market. They are still ➡️ looking for Customer Support folks to get involved and help education & troubleshoot with new servers. Also ➡️ looking for a FE developer.

🗒️ Bounty Board is working on Discord OAuth and fleshing out governance.

Bankless Loans is ➡️ looking for a Web3 developer to aid in connecting the UI to Liquity’s functionality; they are targeting launch for the end of Season 2.

🖥️ Website V2 is fixing up some final tickets and launching this week! Both MrPackman and Zberwaldt are ➡️ looking to handoff the project to a new PM and Lead Dev after launch and there are many plans for the future of this product - get in touch with MrPackman or hit up #website to get involved.

🗜️ DevOps finished migrating the domain to Vercel management so we can manage subdomains and DNS records on our own - this will soon transfer to AWS once Terraform is running. ⚠️ Setup 2FA on your Github account to maintain access ⚠️

Content Gateway is full steam ahead with plans to integrate DEGEN, Bounty Board, Bankless Academy, the Website, a mobile app and more! Check out their proposal.

Oh shit.

🤝 Membership

Last week, we began discussions around how to qualify for a potential Guild Coordinape round or programs like UBI and other benefits. This week, we met further to discuss what a path forward could look like.

We discussed varying degrees of high-tech solutions for tracking contribution through integrations with Github, Discord, Notion, etc to compose of a score for contribution.

We talked about project earnings, staking with rewards, and the potential ability slashing & penalties could play in aligning incentives as well.

We also discussed low-tech solutions like autocratic approval, vouching, and other social-level methods for approving membership.

Most likely, we will pursue progressive decentralization by starting with low-tech social consensus and iterate on top of each subsequent version by introducing more automated support for proving membership.

In Season 2, expect a proposal outlining the first version of membership requirements as well as a roadmap & vision for what could come thereafter.

Who knows, maybe it could be its own product 🤔.

Contributor Dashboard with Vouching and Contribution Insights

📅 Schedule

Let’s look ahead at our #calendar.

Tuesday 10/5 (sorry this is late)

  • 🖥️ Website Weekly
  • Crypto Sapiens: Index Coop
  • 🧰 Dev Guild Membership Discussion
  • DAO Grants Committee Weekly
  • 🧰 Knowledge Session: Safemath & Reentrancy in Solidity
  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup

Wednesday 10/6

  • DAO Dash Standup
  • Cryptofees Weekly
  • DAOPunks Weekly
  • Mental Health Support Group
  • 🧰 Dev Guild Focused Discussion

Thursday 10/7

  • 🏅 Bankless Academy Dev Standup
  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup
  • 🗜️ Devops Weekly
  • DAO Dash Weekly

Friday 10/8

  • Season 2 begins!
  • 🔊 DAO Community Call
  • 🧰 Content Gateway


  • No no, we don’t do that here.
  • Sike, we play D&D sometimes (hmu)

Monday 10/11

  • 🤖 DEGEN Go-to-market
  • 🧰 Dev Guild Weekly Sync

Take Action

🥬 Lettuce to change the weekly meeting time.

💬 Comment on the Season 2 Init proposal.

💬 Comment on the Guild Membership conversions.

📝 Submit this week’s Guild Survey: “The Survey Survey (so meta)”

🙋 Request a knowledge-share topic.

💬 Comment on the Smart Contract Literacy proposal.

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Seriously tho, hit me up about Dungeons and Dragons