This week in Dev Guild: Bankless Loans team acts fast on a security vulnerability, survey says “meetings notes are important”, and maybe we get some shirts made for Season 1.

We’ve also submitted a Season 2 funding request for 1M BANK :) Read on!

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What would you call a hurt batman ? Bruised Vein…

In this weekly kickoff email, we aim to provide general updates on projects and surface opportunities for guild members.

Specifically, this email will be published after the Monday night Dev Guild call and use the notes & updates provided to inform the contents.

If you want information lifted into this format, please highlight that during the meeting or otherwise let us know.

Project Highlights & Needs

🤖 DEGEN prepares to go-to-market and is having some key discusions around customer support, potentially as it relates to all projects. They are ➡️ looking for Customer Support folks to get involved and help education & troubleshoot with new servers. Also ➡️ looking for a FE developer.

🗒️ Bounty Board is looking to go-to-market for its first customer as it works on Discord Oauth and other key functionality.

Bankless Loans is ➡️ looking for a Web3 developer to aid in connecting the UI to Liquity’s functionality; they are targeting launch for the end of Season 2. There was also a mild incident of an API key being committed to the repo, but guild members acted quickly to resolve (shout out to eugenptr, addamsson, and 0xNSHuman).

🖥️ Website V2 is ahead of schedule and looking to launch early! Zberwaldt is ➡️ looking to handoff the project after launch and there are many plans for the future of this product - get in touch with MrPackman or hit up #website to get involved.

🗜️ DevOps is spinning up a Github Manager role for Season 2 and continues to handle new infrastructure requests. Stay tuned for some 💰 bounties for testing.

🎛️ Smart Contract Literacy Series is looking for feedback and a ➡️ solidity expert to help guide the content creation of a non-technical solidity literacy course.

Content Gateway is full steam ahead with plans to integrate DEGEN, Bounty Board, Bankless Academy, the Website, a mobile app and more! Check out their proposal.

💰Seasonal Funding

First, we had a decent vote show that the guild would like to roll the ~200k Season 1 remainder into Season 2; possibly as some sort of savings account.

More importantly, we’ve submitted our Season 2 funding request for 1M BANK.

The request includes funding for the same roles as Season 1 (which we will need to ratify again) as well as full coverage for DevOps (plus the new Github role), Solidity Training, Knowledge Sessions, and 200k for guild member rewards through Coordinape and UBI.

We expect that the grants committee will pull our request apart and likely send DevOps, Solidity, and Knowledge Sessions to be funded by Projects budgets, but we felt including them would inspire some good conversations around what belongs in a guild budget and what the real cap should look like as we plan for Season 3.

The guild also had some conversation around what a “mini grants fund” might look like for the guild to bootstrap tech initiatives of our own volition.

All in all, still laying the track in front of us - but we will get better every time!

📅 Schedule

Let’s look ahead at our #calendar.

Tuesday 9/28

  • 🖥️ Website Weekly
  • Crypto Sapiens: Ether Cards
  • DAO Grants Committee Weekly
  • 🧰 Knowledge Session: DeFi & Tokemak
  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup

Wednesday 9/29

  • DAO Dash Standup
  • Cryptofees Weekly
  • DAOPunks Weekly
  • Mental Health Support Group
  • 🧰 Dev Guild Focused Discussion

Thursday 9/30

  • 🏅 Bankless Academy Dev Standup
  • 🗒️ Bounty Board Standup
  • 🗜️ Devops Weekly
  • DAO Dash Weekly

Friday 10/1

  • 🔊 DAO Community Call
  • 🧰 Content Gateway


  • No no, we don’t do that here.
  • Sike, we play D&D sometimes

Monday 10/4

  • DAO-wide Coordinape ends
  • 🤖 DEGEN Go-to-market
  • First Quest Working Hours
  • 🧰 Dev Guild Weekly Sync

Take Action

🦍 Participate in the DAO-wide Season 1 Coordinape round by Oct 4th

📝 Submit this week’s Guild Survey: “The Survey Survey (so meta)”

🙋 Request a knowledge-share topic.

💬 Comment on the Smart Contract Literacy proposal.


Thanks O’ba… Gensler!

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